Expert Bricklaying Services

Our expert team at Kustom Bricklayers Perth have a strong focus on customer satisfaction, and take pride in our excellent services, guaranteed work and outstanding turnaround times we provide. So for all your brickwork needs, contact Kustom Bricklayers today.

Kustom Bricklayers Perth have been professionally trained to assist you with all your bricklaying requirements, so for more information or advice we'd love to hear from you.

Email us at
or phone Ben on 0404 016 728

Bricklaying Perth Provides:

  • Extensions
  • Boundary Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Restoration Work
  • Real Estate Brick Repairs
  • Steps
  • Letter Boxes
  • Arches
  • Garage Additions
  • All Types of Brick Repair

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